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Sofa Cleaning In Dubai

Get the best professionals for your sofa cleaning task. Hundreds of people rely on us because of our monthly best sofa cleaning Dubai service.

Whenever we clean our entire home, every time the furniture in our house also needs a proper clean. Because the sofa is one of the essential things in our home due to the comfort and visual appeal it provides for the complete interior of the house. Due to the dusty atmosphere in UAE, sofas easily get dirty, which causes allergies and other health issues, so quickly sofa cleaning Dubai becomes necessary.

The proper equipment, chemicals, and a well-trained cleaner are the strict conditions for an effective sofa cleaning process. Even if one of these is missing, your sofa can surely be damaged, and our team realizes this fact better than anyone. That’s why we provide expert sofa cleaning services in Dubai. We offer shampoo and steam cleaning for your favorite sofas and upholstery.

Why Choose us

Why Choose Our Best Sofa Cleaning in Dubai?

High-Quality Service

Get the best professionals for your sofa cleaning task. Hundreds of people rely on us because of our monthly best sofa cleaning Dubai service. We continuously measure our service quality to make sure our service is perfect—no chance of any doubt about our sofa cleaning services Dubai.

We Understand Your Needs

After booking our service, we will send a skilled sofa deep cleaning Dubai service team with a track record of high quality. They will observe the condition of the sofa surface and provide the best sofa cleaning solution. We have made this easy for you to get any assistance you might need for your entire home cleaning.

24/7 Customer Support

You can get our customer service all day long. Just give us a call, and we will send our experts immediately to your doorstep. You can contact our support team for anything you need. Our support center is open seven days per week to hear from you. You can book your service online through our website or reach us for a free consultation.

Sofa Steam Cleaning or Sofa Shampoo Cleaning Dubai: Which One Is Better?

We have provided sofa cleaning services in Dubai for many years, and we use both techniques to clean various types of sofas. After a long observation, we found that special sofa shampoo gives the best results, and our clients also leave better feedback for sofa shampooing. So we can say that shampooing can maintain the color and sofa fabric well.

What Our Sofa Cleaning Dubai Offers?

Whenever you call our sofa cleaning team, they will arrive on time fully equipped with a vacuum, steaming tool, and mild shampoos to clean the sofas and couches. Whether you need fabric sofa cleaning or leather sofa cleaning Dubai, we are ready to provide the finest work. Our service sofa cleaning Dubai price starts from AED 60 per seat for steam cleaning and AED 40 per seat for shampoo cleaning.

Our team starts with deep vacuuming your sofas to free them from any dust or dirt lodged inside the cotton filling. After that, they will scrub and clean the fabric with a steamer or a mild shampoo to eliminate any old stains and dirt on your sofa. Your sofa set will look new and smell so modest once the service is done.

We are specialists in dusting, sanitizing, and clearing the stains from your sofa cover to make it look brighter and new by maintaining the actual color and texture. You can relax on your couch after two or three hours of the sofa dry cleaning Dubai process ending. Regularly refreshing your sofa is not a useless investment; it’s necessary, and we advise our customers to do it at least once in 6 months.

If you think your sofa gets dirty, unhygienic, and requires a detailed cleaning, book online or text us on Whatsapp directly when and where you need the service. We will be there to provide the best sofa cleanings in Dubai.

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Our Client Testimonials

Harry Wright

Sofa Cleaning Team was such flexible worker! Their scheduling is very open and open pretty late. They did an amazing job after my friend spilled soda on the Sofa that was left stained for three months. After They impressively did his work, the stain wasn't noticeable at all! I would totally recommend, however expect slow progress. Amazing job for my Sofa that has been stained for a couple of months! I cant even see it anymore.

Badri Naser

Sofa Cleaning Dubai did a stellar job throughout the entire Sofa and charged us a fair price. Sabbir accommodated our schedule and availability and explained our options every step of the way. Excellent results and service, highly recommended.

Ikraam Firdaws

We had a wonderful experience with this Sofa Cleaning In Dubai steam cleaning our Sofa in our new house. They was prompt with Their responses and it was a smooth process to schedule an appointment. Sabbir was very knowledgeable and gave us tips on how to maintain our Sofa. We feel satisfied with Their services and plan on calling him up again for annual cleanings.



Is it worth cleaning a sofa in Dubai?

A professional cleaning service can remove all the dirt, dander, sweat, and other oils deeply embedded in the fibers and present a healthier, refreshed couch or sofa.

How often should you clean your sofa?

If you have no pets or young children in the house, at least twice a year is a reasonable timescale. But if there are young children, lots of visitors usually come, or simply cats or dogs, you should think about cleaning your upholstery three or four times a year.

Can I change or cancel my cleaning service booking?

Yes, you can cancel or change your booking 24 hours in advance by informing us.

Can you clean a couch cushion?

Yes, a couch cushion can be cleaned with a mild dry-cleaning solvent or a mild detergent. Don't saturate with liquid and do not remove the cushion covers; instead, try to dry clean couch cushions if required. Always clean with a water-based formula.

Who delivers the sofa cleaning service in Dubai?

After booking the service, we will send one of our finest service provider teams to deliver the sofa cleaning service when you ask.