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Dubai is increasing, and with this growth comes a lot of construction noise. If you face constant construction noise in your area, you might wonder what it takes to complain about this.

Dubai has taken great strides in becoming a playground for the rich and famous. They have constructed manufactured islands and will soon open the world’s largest mall. This blog will examine how I complain about construction noise in Dubai.

How do I complain about construction noise?

For homeowners, completing work lasting months can become a headache. In areas that are being developed into suburbs or where new facilities are being created in existing residential areas, there may be a lot of noise and dust lingering over the neighborhood. Home-owners should know this is only temporary and should remember to take time off when they need to relax on days during which their area doesn’t have any construction works scheduled for them.

In the UAE, construction workers and companies are governed by specific laws. Any violators and citizens must report construction violations so that legal action can be taken. If you live near a construction zone, here’s how you deal with them:

How to submit the construction noise complaint

You can call or visit anytime during business hours. This is something you may not necessarily need, but it can be very helpful.

First, call Dubai Municipality’s hotlines: 800-900 and get a case number filed. Then proceed with calling the construction company and give them a warning. Doing this can solve problems as they come along without having to file a complaint immediately.

The municipality will then investigate the problem further. They might send down an inspector and warn that you may go further with pursuing this matter in court if the construction company doesn’t comply with their diktat to fix it within ten days time period or face legal consequences for not following thru on directives issued.

Suppose a construction team or business is found to violate the noise abatement ordinances and fails to adhere to the written notification. This includes removing the offending instrument from premises, having construction teams make necessary adjustments to their equipment, or issuing a report to local authorities against violators.

When to complain?

Construction noise law in Dubai is made by Dubai Municipality, which supervises the rules enforced when it comes to construction in a residential area. They do this because stringent laws ensure residents get adequate rest and don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress, such as experiencing disruptive noise during their off time.

Noise levels are dangerous for us when they are too high. At work, there is an acceptable limit of 50 decibels. This means from eight in the morning until eight at night, you can’t have more than 50 decibels of noise where you work, or else your work environment might not be safe to work in, and all companies have an acceptable noise level set by the laws.

Let’s look at typical examples to gauge roughly what decibels your environment is complying with. A songbird chirping generally fluctuates around 40 decibels, while a toilet flushing or vacuum cleaner doing their thing can be 70 decibels.


We hope this article has been helpful for you to understand your rights as a resident in Dubai and how to take action if you are suffering from construction noise. If you have any questions or concerns about construction noise in Dubai or any other legal matter, please contact us at any time

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