Business Bay is a Dubai area dedicated to the business sector. It is where entrepreneurs can set up their businesses in the best possible conditions and enjoy a great quality of life. Businesses in Business Bay include everything from sports management companies to financial firms, from architects to real estate developers, from hotels to luxury car dealers, from art galleries to universities, from media companies to accountancy firms, from jewellery designers to international schools, and even the world’s tallest building.

The Dubai Water Canal is a man-made channel that links Old Dubai to the Arabian Gulf. The promenade lined with restaurants, lounges and luxury hotels represent one notable building in this district; it’s called “The Opus” by late architect Dame Zaha Hadid!

Business Bay is an up-and-coming area quickly becoming known for its luxury and style. Al Habtoor City is one of the most prestigious and elegant hotels in the area, and it is home to many amazing restaurants. La Perle is a world-renowned production celebrating the region’s pearl diving history. The aqua theatre is a must-see for anyone visiting Business Bay.

What is Business Bay Dubai?

Business Bay in Dubai is a bustling financial hub with towering corporate buildings, sleek apartments, and luxurious hotels. The area also offers great views of the Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Water Canal has plenty of space for jogging and cycling and a picturesque mechanical waterfall. Bay Avenue mall has a variety of mid-priced stores, along with restaurants that are perfect for families. Several smart eateries along the water serve Lebanese fare, Asian street food, and fresh seafood.

Business Bay is situated in one of the most popular areas in Dubai and offers easy access to transportation and many attractions. This neighbourhood is known for being an upscale neighbourhood with plenty of elite commercial districts. Business Bay has many features that make it appealing to those who wish to live and work in Dubai, such as its easy access to transportation and many attractions.

Business Bay is a one-of-a-kind neighbourhood that has something for everyone. It’s modern and trendy, yet authentic and charming. With its high-rise towers and diverse businesses, it’s no wonder that Business Bay is such a popular destination for investors and businesses. And with its dozens of restaurants, growing retail scene, and proximity to everything Dubai offers, it’s easy to see why Business Bay is such a desirable place to live.

Business Bay is one of the most popular areas in Dubai for businesses and investors, and it’s easy to see why. Business Bay has everything you could want in a business district with its stunning views, modern buildings, convenient transport links, and retail and dining options. Plus, with its proximity to the Dubai Canal, you can enjoy even more views of the cityscape.

Which District is Business Bay?

Business Bay is a famous modern residential district in central Dubai near the Al Jadaf Canal. It is well-known for its many skyscrapers and modern architecture.

Where is Business Bay in Dubai

Business Bay station is located at one of the busiest intersections in Dubai, near where you can find both old town and new developments. The name says it all – this area serves businesses who need access from Sheikh Zayed Road and 35th Street southwest towards financial centres across UAE! To get around easily, remember that there are two other stations close by AlWasl (#27) & Noor Bank Metro Station ( formerly known as NSB).

Is Business Bay a Free Zone in Dubai?

The area has many opportunities for both small and large businesses, with its location right in between shopping malls like Dubai Centre Mall or Business Centres that offer excellent company development possibilities as well extends SMEs’ access into this section by providing them comfort zones where they can diversify their operations without any difficulties.

The bustling business district of Dubai is home to an expansive 46.9 million square feet of land area that can be used by real estate companies and traders alike! Not only does this space offer ample room for economic activities, but it also provides opportunities for leisure ventures like living or playing cards on-site at Business Bay’s numerous parks throughout town, duelling traffic lights while sipping cocktails before sunset – all without leaving your office(no matter how small)

AJS Construction LLC has helped build some incredible developments worldwide, including One Central Park, which sits atop G JPEG Hotel & Residential Complex (a luxury hotel).

The Business Bay area offers an ideal location for businesses shopping in Dubai. It’s near major financial centres like the DIFC, and freehold options are also available. The Business Bay area of Dubai has many businesses towers home to some world’s leading companies.

How To Go To Business Bay Metro Station

The M1 is an important road that leads to the Business Bay Metro Station in Dubai. Many different routes can access this metro stop, but this first one will take you there at 5:52 AM.

The Dubai Metro is a convenient and affordable way to get around town. The M1 connects with the Business Bay station, which makes it easy for passengers looking toward Expo 2020 or Deira City Centre.

What To Do in Business Bay Dubai

Business Bay is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after areas in Dubai and with good reason. With an array of amenities for international businesses that operate out of this hub and those who call it home, too, there’s no shortage when you need something fun to do! We’ll take you on tour through popular spots like The Address Hotel where celebrities often stay while visiting town (you can even see their rooms), and navigate your way around Business Centre which was recently renamed ‘Business Square’.

I’ve always wanted to visit the Business Bay tourist attractions. They sound like they would be really interesting

Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is an engineering feat that has become a major attraction since it opened in 2017. The 6-kilometre-long waterway spans from Business Bay to Old Dubai. It offers visitors many features, including fitness enthusiasts who love using the 3 km running track and 12 kilometres of cycling paths along with a mechanical waterfall at Sheikh Zayed Road intersection for those looking for picturesque landscapes while jogging or biking around town.


If you want to experience the rush of scaling a mountain but don’t have time for lengthy travels and training sessions in nature’s great outdoors, look no further than Mountain Extreme. This indoor wall climbing venue offers courses that mimic what would happen if we were hiking up toward snow-capped peaks or scrambling across brittle rocks with only our hands as footing – all without leaving home.

Bay Avenue Park

The best family parks in Business Bay are on Bay Avenue. The newest addition to the area, this park has a skateboard and bike lending station and plenty of space for kids or adults looking to get their vitamin D from playing games such as basketball or football outdoors all year round! You can also visit one of our Farmers Markets every Friday morning, where you’ll find fresh produce. Both local organic vegetables and other items, including bread, honey eggs, and sweets available right there at your fingertips, so grab what sounds good today before it’s gone forever.

Cafes in Business Bay Dubai

khao siam 45

Khao Siam 45 is the perfect place to get your Thai fix in Dubai. With dishes under Dhs50 and a small menu, there are no disappointments here! You can choose from salads or curries along with rice and noodles for an affordable meal that will leave you satisfied without breaking any bank accounts. If it’s hot weather, order some mango sticky rice dessert – what other choice do we have when they’re always out?

Raju Omlet

The menu at Raju Omlet has two dishes that will make sure the whole family is full until dinner time! For under 50 DOLLARS per person (including two small tea servings), this quaint little Indian restaurant offers incredible quality and value in Dubai’s Business Bay neighbourhood.


Mama’esh is the place to go for authentic Palestinian cuisine in Dubai. With two locations, you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals that are both affordable and mouth-watering at the Al Manara site (located near Business Bay) or visit us on Michelle square if your taste buds demand something more unique like our Halloumi Cheese Breads.

Hotels in Business Bay Dubai

DoubleTree by Hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai: Business Bay is home to an exciting new addition that brings the taste of London back into residents’ diets and provides them with live performances and sports. The hotel offers free shuttles around town as well.

Are you tired of eating frozen pizzas or fast food while travelling? Now you can enjoy fresh ingredients delivered straight from Italy at one place in your subjective reality (for those who like doing things differently).

Grand Millennium Hotel in Business Bay

Grand Millennium Business Bay is a stunning example of top-end style and comfort in Dubai. With views that capture the magic behind City Centre, as well as easy access to Downtown areas for all your needs – whether commercial or recreational. This luxurious hotel offers 251 rooms & suites and five restaurants, including Beau Rivage Bistro, which serves up European-inspired dishes from their rooftop Italian Bella kitchen.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or the perfect place to take your parents, there is no shortage of accommodation options at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. With iconic towers and an unbeatable location in Business Bay by Dubai Water Canal (not too far from The doorstep!), this trendy hotel has something that will suit any taste–from Japanese food at Izakaya restaurant up to award-winning steaks served fresh out of ovens right off our grill.

Taj Dubai

Suppose you are looking for a place to take in the view of one of Dubai’s most famous structures, head over to the Indian-themed Taj hotel. The five-star hotel sits at Business Bay and has breathtaking views from its luxurious rooms (and bathrooms!). It’s also close enough so that visitors can walk there. However, if they want accessibility without leaving their room, call down an order through room service or visit them on foot nearby.

Bars and Pubs in Business Bay Dubai

Café Artois at Bridgewater

If you want to go somewhere that has decent food and drinks but isn’t too expensive or formalised in terms of atmosphere, then Café Artois at Bridgewater is your best bet. The outdoor space alongside JW Marriott Marquis Dubai offers an amazing view and plenty of picnic tables so visitors can sit down with their friends before heading off into town for more adventures.


This authentic bar in Business Bay is the perfect place to enjoy a classic cocktail and some Scottish cuisine. The menu features plenty of drinkable nostalgia with favourites like bridies, haggis neeps & Tatties (a delicious meal). At the same time, more substantial options include Angus sliders or curing salmon sandwiches topped off by glossy yellow Scotch egg yolk dipped in piccalilli sauce, which will make your taste buds sing.


If you want the best pizza in town, look no further than PizzaExpress Live! With a laid-back yet fun vibe and some decent acts to keep things interesting between sets from local musicians on stage while they deliver your tasty meal right before our eyes (not to mention garlic butter), this is one place I know we can come back to again soon.

Seven Sisters

You can enjoy gorgeous views of the Dubai Water Canal and an open-air spot for mixed drinks and light bites that are sure to make it into your stomach without too much trouble.

Weslodge Saloon

They’re heading to one of the most prestigious buildings in Dubai. And you’ll never believe what happened next. The 68th floor provides an unparalleled view for those who appreciate their city like it is pure gold. Not only are there thrilling views across Business Bay and Sheikh Zayed Road, but also classic leather sofas standing toe-to their deep set comfy chairs with all sorts of drinks available – including some brilliantly mixed concoctions.

Fitness Centres

Bay Yoga Centre

The founder of this studio created it with the idea that all types and levels of yogis can come here. They offer Bikram, Hatha vinyasa power yoga class, and Pilates training for those looking to increase their flexibility or learn more about self-defence skills.

Business Bay CrossFit

BBCF is a small, intimate CrossFit studio that keeps classes small, ensuring everyone’s attention. They also take pride in their beginner-friendly programme, so if you’re new to exercise or have never done anything like this before, there’s nothing to worry about here! For pro members who want an advanced workout but don’t need the maximum number of people per session (8), they offer those with great success rates, too – ask them what type will best suit your needs today.


There’s a whole range of classes to suit your mood at GFX. If you want an intense workout, try the Trip by Les Mills – it’s like taking part in some high-intensity virtual reality exercise! There are so many other options, too, from Zumba and Body Pump for those seeking fitness fun through Tabata workouts, which will ensure that every muscle gets challenged equally as much energy is put into each calorie burned during these sessions.

Warehouse Gym

This Business Bay gym has a one-of-a-kind location on the Dubai Water Canal. Its bustling ground floor is full of equipment for cross-functional workouts, while cardio machines await you up top in their spacious apartment plus, they have classes like boxing and TRX! After your workout comes our favourite part: eating healthy food options available at this café, including snacks & juices – all thanks to those hard-working muscles we just boosted by working out here so well.

Housing in Business Bay Dubai

Property prices in Business Bay are on the rise. A one-bedroom apartment will vary from around 60 thousand dirhams per year to 100K, with most located at 70 – 80 Adams (Dh). This area attracts young professionals who work near Downtown Dubai or DIFC; many live there too.

The Marasi Business Bay project, which will be completed by 2023, is set to transform the bustling commercial hub into a truly urban lifestyle destination. The Dhs1 billion development includes 7.4km of canals and an entire park and pier for people who live or visit Dubai’s water wayside city.

Marasi Business Bay will be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly waterway for all. The 700 berths of this new Marina near the heart of Dubai will make it an attractive destination you can visit anytime.

Is Business Bay A Nice Place To Live?

With its location right outside the city, Business Bay is an ideal spot for those who want to live in a bustling metropolis while still enjoying all that nature has to offer. It’s close enough to Downtown Dubai to enjoy everything this destination has, including great food options and exciting nightlife.

Where should I live in business Bay Dubai?

Business Bay is the perfect location for those who want to live in luxury, but still have their privacy. The area includes luxurious apartments and podium villas that can meet any need you may have with just one call.

Where do singles live in Dubai bay?

You’ll never run out of things to do in this bustling city with its diverse array or places for fun. From fitness centres and gyms, movie theatres nearby or an extensive selection of dining options just minutes away- you’re sure not gonna be bored here.


The Business Bay is a commercial and business district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located on the shore of Dubai Creek and was built to become Dubai’s main central business district. The area has since been host to many small and multinational businesses. There are also several residential buildings in the area that accommodate the influx of workers during office hours. -Dubai’s Central Business District (CBD) is spread over an area measuring 1,885 hectares- or 4,531 acres.

Within this zone, you will find all sorts of towering skyscrapers that house some of the world’s most well-known businesses and brands. Interestingly enough, if you were to take all of these offices and divide them equally among Dubai’s population, every man, woman, and child would have nearly 5 square metres (53 sq ft) each.

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